Both the PAMP Suisse - 5g Gold Bar and the Perth Mint 5g .9999 Gold Bar are GREAT to add to your collection.
You’ll receive the type of our choice depending on availability.
Below are the details on both.
The PAMP Suisse 5 g Gold Fortuna Bar is an affordable option for those looking to purchase gold in small quantities. It also provides greater liquidity than larger coins and bars because the number of people who can afford to purchase 5 grams of gold is far greater than the number who can purchase a quarter oz. or more.
The obverse of the bar features the Roman goddess Fortuna, who is depicted blindfolded as is traditional with her. She faces to the left of the bar. Also in the image is a cornucopia, which is pouring out gold into hands, which represent those who are favored when she spins her wheel, which is included on the left. As on the card, the name of the mint, the weight of the ingot, 5g, and its purity, .9999, are shown on the reverse. Coming from PAMP Suisse, one of the world’s most respected private mints, this bar offers the security and liquidity that many stackers desire while also bearing a beautiful design.
The Perth Mint 5g .9999 Gold Bar is struck in .9999 pure Australian Gold. They're a great addition to your collection. 
Australia had its own big gold rush in 1851. The amount of gold flowing out of the mines never stopped. It's still being mined and refined in great quantities today.
The Perth Mint is the oldest operating Mint in Australia. It's still refining and striking Australia's gold today. These 5 Gram Gold Bars display the iconic Swan, symbol of Western Australia and the Perth Mint. The other side of each Gold bar is emblazoned with kangaroos, the symbols of the Australian Outback.


Mint 5 gram .9999 Gold Bar


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